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Covid 19

Covid 19 Relief Activities

During the unprecedented Covid 19 pandemic, we collaborated with premier medical institutions and social welfare organizations and reached out to more than 4000 people across Delhi enabling them to access treatment and managing Covid related co-morbidities. We provided referral services to migrant labor assisting them get travel passes and rations and conducted mental health and stress relief workshops across several locations to help people cope with the stress created as a result of the pandemic.

We engaged with cooperates under CSR to continue RCH services during pandemic period and ensured distribution of hygiene kit, food, clothes and medicines to needy communities across several wards of Delhi/NCR.

As several persons lost their jobs, we re-engineered our focus on skill augmentation, especially for women across slums of Delhi/NCR when the lockdown ended. Our computer education and other vocational training efforts across two centres at Delhi NCR benefitted hundreds of woman and girls keep incomes afloat during stressful times.